Making the Best of a Rainy Day

Each and every day is a gift. Even the gloomiest of skies can bring sunshine into your heart. Rainy days invite your weary body and soul to slow down and count your many blessings. […]

How to Find the Fulfilling Life-Focus Activities

What you focus on will generally manifest itself in your life. Many people call this the Law of Attraction. […]

Taking Charge of Your Life

You can begin taking charge of your life, right now, by remembering some simple rules and making a few choices about the direction you want to take. […]

I am Passionate About My Goals

Self Reflection Exercises From The Wisdom Compass

My passion drives me forward to live the life of my dreams. I know what I want in life and I set goals to get me there. I know that each goal I achieve brings me in union with what I desire. I feel truly invigorated […]

Love, Health and Harmony

When your children know that they are your priority, that you understand their viewpoint and that you value them as people, they’ll trust you and you’ll experience a close relationship that will stand the test of time. […]

I Am In Motion

Today, I strive to be the body in motion that stays in motion. With my forward momentum, I can handle anything that steers me away from my tasks […]