Use Your Blessings!

Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.” ~Napoleon Bonaparte

When you are truly blessed with a talent recognize it and develop it! We are all blessed with talent. Don’t ignore a divine gift. If you can do something better, or with more passion and vigor, than […]

Stop, Look, Listen, and Then Create

I have found when I’m “stuck” and nothing seems to go my way the chances are excellent that I’m doing things the same way that I previously did. If it didn’t work then, it is highly unlikely that it will work out now. So much seems to go well in my life when I stop, observe, listen, formulate a plan, and then take action. In other words, I get creative when I get stuck. […]

Intelligent Purposeful Living, Part 1

As many of you may know I will soon be publishing a book of how to apply biblical teachings and precepts to your every day life. This article is a short snapshot of my approach for that work. […]