Focal Point – The Promise

Successful career coaching and mentoring always includes a far ranging vision in addition to methods for handling your near term necessities. […]

Making the Best of a Rainy Day

Each and every day is a gift. Even the gloomiest of skies can bring sunshine into your heart. Rainy days invite your weary body and soul to slow down and count your many blessings. […]

How to Find the Fulfilling Life-Focus Activities

What you focus on will generally manifest itself in your life. Many people call this the Law of Attraction. […]

The Power of Dreams

Do your dreams bring you wealth? Health? Love? Something else? Whatever means the most to you and brings you immeasurable joy will often appear in your dreams. […]

Finding Your Hidden Positive Spirituality

Do you ever feel lost, with no idea where your life is headed? Do you wish you could find a sense of direction, meaning and purpose for your life? Thankfully, you can discover the passion inside of you and experience the truly fulfilling life you were born to live. […]

Stewards of the Garden

I have shared here before that I am a passionate advocate of utilizing biblical principles and Christian faith as a guide for success in my life. What you may not know about me is that I am very active in The Riverside Church of New York, sit on the Riverside Theatre Board and regularly attend […]

Forgiveness is a Spiritual Necessity

“Without forgiveness, there’s no future” – Desmond Tutu

We must forgive the people who’ve hurt us and it has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not they deserve forgiveness. They most likely don’t deserve forgiveness, but we don’t deserve it either.

So if forgiveness isn’t necessarily deserved then why do humans pursue vendettas across […]

The Certitude of Uncertainty

The only certainty we have is that there will be always be uncertainty in life and we will have to deal with it. Either we will face it head on or we will cower in the corner and allow it whack us on the head without fighting back. Which is better? […]