Identity Theft Targets Children

Identify Theft Targets Children by Theodore Henderson

Identy Theft Can Happen At Any Age

It is difficult not to be aware of the rising incidents of Identify Theft in the world these days. You hear about it constantly on the news and in television ads for services such as LifeLock.

What you may not be thinking of however, is that your children, even infants can become targets. A minor’s stolen identify can go undetected for years, which is why some thieves choose those identities.

The solution?

Guard your child’s personal financial information, such as a Social Security number with the same care that you would guard your own. Make sure your older children don’t make the mistake of carrying their SS number around with them.

Another thing you need to do is to keep your computer’s virus protection and anti-spam software up to date in case your children use the Internet to apply for credit as they approach college age.

In addition, you can request your child’s credit report periodically to ensure that their identify has not been stolen.

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