Semi-Annual Insurance and Financial Review

Semi-Annual review of insurance and finances by Theodore HendersonHere we are more than halfway through the year already. Life changes and your insurance coverage should change with it. I always recommend that you sit down after the first of each year and take a good look at your insurance, your investments and your finances in general. These days, I feel this is something that should be undertaken mid-year as well.

Most people don’t consider the financial changes that could make property or automobile insurance out of date. If you have an older car that is paid for, you probably don’t need collision coverage since your vehicle’s replacement value may be only slightly higher than your collision premiums.

Major changes in your life such as a birth, a death, an adoption, or divorce can drastically alter your insurance needs, not to mention your financial circumstances.

Another thing to consider now are property taxes. If your property has declined in value due to recent market developments, you may want to consider having your house appraised to find out if you can request to have your property taxes reduced.

And finally, by reviewing your finances you can pinpoint areas where savings could be used for long-term financial goals such as paying down credit card debt or savings for retirement.

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