Use Your Blessings!

Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.” ~Napoleon Bonaparte

Use your blessings! Authored by Theodore Henderson, The Wisdom CompassWhen you are truly blessed with a talent recognize it and develop it! We are all blessed with talent. Don’t ignore a divine gift. If you can do something better, or with more passion and vigor, than most people then recognize, development and use it.  

If you have a God given talent, don’t let it lie dormant. Don’t let anyone tell you what you have to do to be successful, or worse yet, what you cannot do with your life and your blessings.  

For example if you are a performer and good at it, then pursue your craft. Should you take some bookkeeping or carpentry classes along the way to following your passion? Yes! Use it as a fallback in between jobs or a way to generate income until you get work and become a successful performer or artist. The same goes for any profession, CPA, sculptor, etc. You may need to sacrifice along the way to achieve it so put a plan together and do it. Every skill you master makes you a more rounded person. Learn everything that you can as well as trying to learn something new each day.  

All that being said however, you don’t want to put off accepting your blessing and leaving it to some distant date in the future. Just get moving. If your desire is to become a lawyer, doctor or entrepreneur, don’t panic because you don’t have funds to pay for your education or begin your business right at this moment. Examine your desires, your talents, your passion and begin working on a plan that has actions steps and reasonable dates to make it your reality. I find when I’m pursuing a goal there is a tremendous amount of frustration for me if I don’t have a plan of action. Once I have one my energy shifts from the negativity of no progress to one of focusing on the execution that takes me toward my goal.  

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”

~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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