When Disaster Strikes: Essential Financial Documents

How prepared are you for a disaster?

Fireproof, portable safe for important family documentsWhen flood, fire, or another fast-moving disaster occurs, our first and correct inclination is to save ourselves and our family members (and this includes dearly loved pets) by getting out of the danger zone as swiftly as possible. However, when you have some warning, as is often the case with hurricanes, rising waters from incipient floods, or wildfires, you may want to consider having your important financial documents in one spot so you can grab and run.

Consider purchasing a small portable fire-proof safe that contains your important documents such as:

  • Checking and Savings account numbers
  • A list of your credit cards, the issuing company and their contact information
  • Investments
  • Appraisals for items such as art or jewelry
  • Keys to your safe deposit box
  • Your will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Passports
  • Social Security cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Adoption records
  • Marriage licences
  • Pet veterinary records
  • Homeowner documents
  • Other legal documents
  • Insurance policies – homeowner, vehicles, etc.
  • Important and irreplaceable pictures such as wedding or baby pictures
  • Videos of important occasions (wedding, baby, etc.)
  • A list of phone numbers and addresses of family and friends that you may need to contact. You may not have your cell phone with you when you have to leave.

Ensure your peace of mind by knowing that your important documents and other critical items are all in one container that you can easily carry with you as you leave in a hurry. Quote of the Day from The Wisdom Compass
Thought is the strongest thing we have. Work done by true and profound thought that is real force. ~ Albert Schweitzer

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