Why You Should Not Pay Your Bills At Work

Why You Shouldn't Use Your Office Computer to Pay Bills by Theodore HendersonDo you use online bill pay while you are at work? If so, you should exercise extreme caution, or better yet, schedule those bill paying sessions for when you are at home.

For starters, many companies, and rightfully so, forbid or restrict personal use of their computers and may even fire employees who are caught. Additionally, and possibly even more serious, your personal financial information can be retrieved by co-workers or outside hackers.

You probably already know that simply deleting files doesn’t actually delete the content, just the files names from the index. Your files and password information may not be found during a casual search, but they still exist somewhere on the computer hard drive. Even if you were tech savvy enough to use a software program to overwrite these files, bigger companies may keep copies of all files and emails on their servers or may use a backup service. If their severs are ever hacked, your information is vulnerable.

The solution? Do your personal online tasks at home where you won’t put your job at risk. If you are at work and suddenly remember that you have a credit card bill or other debt that HAS to be paid today or you will incur fees, do yourself a huge favor and call the number on the back of your card to pay the bill over the phone.

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